2018 ATU757 Election
President Candidate: Christopher Day

ATU757 Brothers and Sisters,
2018 election for ATU757 Officers is upon us. Your voice needs to be heard and this is the time for you to do just that by casting your vote for the candidates you support.

Throughout this campaigning period candidates will be presenting their ideas and promises as to how they are the best choice for the position they seek. Here on this site I will not only be sharing my ideas and promises, I will also be presenting to you working models of how some of my ideas will work and show how many of the ideas can take effect the first day in office. From me, you are getting more than just talk, you are getting some hands on tools that can help our union grow and improve.

This site has a public section and a members section. The purpose of having a public and a members section is so that public information can be available for the public while members only information is secured within an easy to use format. Having a members only secure section will allow the ability to share information such as financial information, grievance tracking, communication logs, and many other types of information that is not appropriate for public availability.

This site uses scripting and data bases so that information can be entered and viewed instantly. Members and officers will have the ability to enter and view information. By allowing information to be entered in by our membership will allow the site to stay up-to-date. Being up-to-date with current information is what our union and membership is needing. Our communications and organization would become stronger than it has ever been.

In the menu side bar you will see a members only area link. By registering, approved members will gain access to information that is important to our members.