I have created this site so that members can have the opportunity to learn about me and the things that I have been fighting for. This rerun election is an important election for our members and it is important that our members have access to accurate information so that they can figure out who will best serve them as their next officer. For many years we have seen our contracts constituently attacked and the loss of benefits that our past members have worked so hard for. It is my view that a change is needed within our union officers to get a different perspective and a fresh view to properly address these attacks and protect our members from losing any more benefits. With the loss of our ability to strike we need to have officers in place that have strong skills in the ability to research, document and present accurate information to our members and employers. How things have been going within our union it is more important now than ever before for our members to be actively involved and informed. The only way our union can successfully function and protect our members is to assure that our members have access to accurate and properly researched information. I have been demonstrating my consistency and strong skills in researching and presenting accurate information to members. If our members receive accurate information they will be able to help address any issue that is presented to our union. This is what will make us strong and give us the ability to be able to address these attacks that our union has been facing.