Ballot Tips

Ballots are in and there are some helpful tips that can help make sure your vote is being counted properly.

There will be 3 items to pay attention to and that is the ballot, the Secret Ballot Envelope and the Window Envelope. Make sure those stay safe.

You will see that there are bar codes on the ballot. The 2 at the bottom is member information while the 1 at the top only identifies the type of form it is. It is important that all 3 bar codes are not messed with or damaged.

Detach the bottom part of the ballot that has the 2 bar codes and ATU address information. Make sure to put that in the Window Envelope for safe keeping while you fill out your ballot.Here are some things that was done right along with some things that was done wrong. The important thing to remember is that the Election Committee must be able to clearly identify the candidates that you marked. If you make a mistake by filling the wrong box either clearly mark the incorrectly marked box as not the one you want or mark the one you want and make a notation that is the one you want. Just make sure the Election Committee will see with no doubt who you selected.

Now that your ballot is correctly filled out you are ready to but the 2 Envelope System together. Place your Ballot in the Secret Ballot Envelope. Make sure that you have detached the bottom section that has the 2 bar codes. Then seal the Secret Ballot Envelope and place it in the Window Envelope. Make sure that the bottom section of the ballot with the 2 bar codes are in the Window Envelope so that the information can be read through the windows of the envelope. Seal the Widow Envelope up and it is ready to be mailed.

All Ballots must be mailed to the post office. No ballet will be excepted at the union office or any other way. Do not ask work to interoffice mail it to our union. The ballots must be mailed and received at the post office by 9am June 13, 2018. Make sure to vote and make sure it counts.

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