current technology

My skill level is strong enough to bring our union more current on how it collects, organizes and distributes information.

produce results

The ability to present the information in a manner that demonstrates our unions position so that our union can remain productive.

Call it out

Willing to call out and draw attention to areas that are doing good along with areas that are not. Holding others accountable as well as myself.

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Using Current Technology

Bringing our union more current with today's technology will help our union with saving money, time and energy. It will improve our communications and will help build our trust in each other allowing us to work stronger together.

Bringing Members Together

By having tools available to our membership so that they can participate at levels that they feel comfortable with will bring more of us together. This will allowing us to have stronger resources with the ability to combine individuals skills with others. As we work more as a team the more positive results we will receive.